Valeurs CiteScore 2016 maintenant disponibles

2017-06-06 08-08-47


« It’s time for a new standard of journal citation impact.
Don’t Speculate. Validate. CiteScore™ metrics.

We are pleased to announce that the CiteScore 2016 values are now available for more than 22,600 serial titles on Scopus.

In addition, a number of improvements based on user feedback have been incorporated since CiteScore™ metrics were first introduced. Most significantly, the increased transparency enables anyone to view the underlying papers and citations behind a CiteScore calculation.

The CiteScore 2016 value is one of eight CiteScore metrics that Elsevier first released in December 2016. Powered by Scopus, CiteScore metrics are a comprehensive, current, transparent and free set of metrics that measure serial citation impact over a 3-year period.

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As a librarian, CiteScore metrics can help you:

  • Build your collection with confidence. CiteScore covers over 11,000 more titles than the Journal Impact Factor*, so you can identify more of the right titles to add to your collection.
  • Guide researchers on what to read and where to publish. In addition to more journals, CiteScore covers book series, conference proceedings and trade journals, so you can show researchers how to evaluate more titles and find the right serial in a specific field or niche area of research.
  • Demonstrate how the library collection ― with more titles in your collection showing a citation impact value ― supports the institutional research mission.

For more information about CiteScore metrics, along with the evolving basket of metrics on Scopus, please visit the Scopus Research Metrics page on

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