Duke University Press migrera à Silverchair



Un autre éditeur sera hébergé sur la plateforme Silverchair.

« Dear Customers,

Today we will publicly announce our new digital content platform partnership with Silverchair Information Systems. During 2017 we will build a website that supports research, reading, and administration of books and journals equally well. We are excited to provide an integrated user experience for all humanities and social sciences content from Duke University Press. Our relationship with HighWire Press will continue through 2017, and we will provide you access to content from existing sites until the platform is complete and all content and customer data has been successfully migrated.

Here are some of the benefits for users in our new digital publishing platform:

  • The new platform will showcase both the variety and the cohesion of our highly interdisciplinary scholarship.
  • Readers and researchers will have greater opportunities to discover related works and other content relevant to their interests.
  • Users will have a highly intuitive experience as they move through the articles and books on the site.
  • The site will be natively mobile, adapting seamlessly to devices of any size.
  • Library administrators will benefit from a unified interface that allows them to manage all of their holdings in one place.
  • As always, our books and journals will be available without digital rights management.

We want to smooth the transition between technologies by proactively communicating with you and providing you with the information you will need. We are establishing a library advisory board to advise us throughout this process. We will make regular updates to our migration website throughout the year as we move through building and designing our online presence, migrating our content to this platform, and approaching our launch.

Please visit dukeupress.edu/libraries/migration to add your name to our mailing list. »

Bonne journée !


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