What Happened to Jeffrey Beall’s List of (Allegedly) Predatory Publishers?

Le blog de Jeffrey Beall, ainsi que sa page Facebook et son profil d’employé à l’université de Colorado à Denver sont vides depuis le 15 janvier dernier. Que se passe-t-il? Monsieur Beall n’a pas commenté sur la disparition de son contenu. Il est connu pour la fameuse liste de « Predatory open-access publishers ». Je suis stupéfiée ce matin ! Bonne lecture!

Debunking Denialism

Beall's list

Jeffrey Beall is an academic librarian at the Auraria Library at University of Colorado Denver located in Denver, Colorado. He got tenure in 2012 and became an associate professor. For a number of years, he has maintained and curated a blacklist of allegedly (he calls it « potential, possible, or probable ») predatory open access publishers.

Predatory journals can engage in a large number of suspicious activities, such as deceptive journal name, sending massive spam requests to authors and reviewers, falsely claiming to have a higher credibility than they have based on common journal metrics, publish a lot of fake content, do not engage in peer review despite claiming to etc.

The list has received both praise for highlighting these problems and criticism for being unfair. Yet, something strange has now happened with both the list and his website. The list is gone and all content on his website appears to have…

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