Livres en accès libre chez JSTOR



La cible pour les livres en accès libre chez JSTOR a été activée le 27 octobre 2016. Voici plus d’informations sur ces livres :

« We are pleased to announce a new program to make Open Access monographs available on the JSTOR platform. An initial set of 63 titles is available from four outstanding publishers: University of California Press, University of Michigan Press, UCL Press, and Cornell University Press. We expect to add several hundred more Open Access titles over the next year.

Easy to Access and Use

The ebooks, which reflect JSTOR’s high standards for quality content, are freely available for anyone in the world to use. Each ebook carries one of six Creative Commons licenses determined by the publisher. Like all ebooks on JSTOR, the Open Access titles are DRM-free and have no limits on chapter PDF downloads or printing. Users will not need to register or log in to JSTOR to access the titles.

Maximizing the Impact of Scholarship

We believe that working with publishers to make Open Access monographs discoverable alongside other types of content on a highly used research platform will increase their usage and impact. We provide chapter level discovery, as we do for all 45,000+ ebooks on JSTOR today. We have made free MARC records available, and are supplying metadata and full text for these titles to discovery services; more information for libraries is available here. In addition, all the Open Access ebooks are preserved in Portico, ensuring that they will be available to researchers in perpetuity.

« The introduction of this Open Access program is part of our ongoing efforts to expand discovery, access, and use of scholarly materials, » noted Frank Smith, Books at JSTOR Director. « We look forward to sharing what we learn with the scholarly communications community. »

To learn more and view the list of Open Access titles, visit our website. »

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