Améliorations à venir en 2017 pour MathSciNet



Des améliorations ont été annoncées pour MathSciNet. Elles seront introduites en 2017.

« The American Mathematical Society is pleased to announce the following enhancements to MathSciNet.

These new features are some of the most asked-for improvements to our user interface, and are part of a series of upgrades that we’ll be introducing throughout 2017 and beyond. This first set of new features will be available to users in January:

Search Result Sorting and Faceting

Search result lists will be sortable in a number of different ways, such as chronologically and by citations.

Search result lists will now include facets that allow users to filter and refine searches by author, journal, or year. Users will be able to « search within results » to refine their queries even further.

Search Result Alerts

Users will be able to log in and create email alerts that will send them any new results for queries that they create. This will allow users to be notified when, for example, an author’s citations count changes, or a new issue is added to a journal.

Autosuggest for Journals and Author Search Boxes

MathSciNet’s journals and author search boxes will now suggest useful search strings for journal titles and author names.

Want more information?

  • Subscribe to Beyond Reviews: Inside MathSciNet, a blog by Executive Editor Edward Dunne that explains MathSciNet features, discusses the process of producing MathSciNet, and highlights exceptional reviews.

Watch our demo video of the sorting and faceting improvements. »

Bonne journée !


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