À propos de la future migration de Oxford Journals



Oxford Journals commencera les étapes de migration vers la plateforme Silverchair en novembre et tous les périodiques seront migrés pour janvier 2017. Tous les changements techniques seront effectués par le service des ressources électroniques (Adèle, Kuniko et moi).

« Important News regarding the Upcoming Oxford Journals Migration

As we have previously informed you, Oxford University Press and Silverchair Information Systems have engaged in a technology relationship to build a next-generation digital platform for OUP’s scholarly content and services. The new Oxford Academic platform will bring our academic content, community, and services together in one place for the first time. Oxford Journals will be the first of our content to migrate to the Oxford Academic platform, with online products scheduled to follow thereafter.

A detailed information pack and FAQ about the new platform and the migration process is now available on the Migration Information page of our Librarian Resource Centre. The information pack contains migration dates and instructions for updating proxy stanzas for those using proxy access as well as further details on online subscription access management, Shibboleth Access and OpenAthens Access, cataloging records, third-party vendor systems, and usage reporting. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with all of the actions required to ensure uninterrupted access to Oxford Journals during this transition period.

Migration Timeline and Instructions for Customers

Our journals will be the first of our products to be hosted on the new platform and will migrate in two phases. The first set of journals will migrate on 14 November with the rest of the journals scheduled to follow on 30 November. We are migrating in this way in order to ensure the shortest possible period of dual running for customers, while maintaining the quality of the new platform.

All preparatory actions must be completed by the end of the first week of November to ensure a smooth transition to the Oxford Academic platform.

URL changes on the Oxford Academic platform

We can now confirm the new Oxford Academic URL structure will be https://academic.oup.com. For individual journals, the structure will be https://academic.oup.com/journalcode. Journal codes will be the same as they are on the current site, e.g. brain.oxfordjournals.org will become academic.oup.com/brain. Please note that the new platform will be hosted on https, a secure communication protocol on the web.

We will be implementing permanent redirects to ensure access routes are not disrupted, however, we recommend that you update any links on your site to the Oxford Academic platform to optimize the user experience. DOIs will be unchanged by the migration.

Updates to My Account

As part of the migration of our journals content to the new Oxford Academic platform, we will also be migrating the existing My Account function. On the new platform, this will be called the Oxford Academic Account. Throughout the migration phase we will be synchronising data on a regular basis, however, in order to ensure our data is as up-to-date as possible we ask that users only make urgent changes to their accounts during this time. If you do wish to make updates to your account settings we recommend that you replicate any changes made across both the old and new Oxford Academic Account to minimise any possible inconsistencies. 

Please consult the Migration Information pack for more information. »

Bonne journée !


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