Changement de titre pour quelques bases de données ProQuest

Dear Customer,

As you’ve heard, ProQuest has embarked on a program to enhance numerous products that touch the research lifecycle. Read on to see what’s new, or for all the details, visit the ProQuest Product Upgrades webpage.

Subscription Database Upgrades

ProQuest is enhancing numerous products to deliver more full text, improved research outcomes, better value and less administration for libraries – including Univ Du Quebec A Montreal, on June 1, 2016.

Product Name Changes

Based on extensive customer research, we are updating the names of a number of databases. These changes take effect on June 1, 2016.

Anciens titres  :

  • Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies
  • Intl Index Music periodicals Full Text Package
  • Gender Watch

Nouveaux titres :

  • Canadian Major Dailies
  • Music Database
  • GenderWatch

Nous changerons donc le titre de ces bases dans MetaLib et au catalogue le 1er juin.

Bonne journée !