Changement à venir pour la fonction « Mon dossier » des bases de données de Gale


La fonction « Mon dossier » (My Account) de Gale ne sera plus fonctionnelle pour la création de nouveaux comptes à partir du 28 avril 2016. Ceci touchera nos abonnements à Canadian Periodicals Index (CPI.Q) et LegalTrac. Gale invite les usagers à se créer un compte Google Drive pour y enregistrer leurs documents. D’ailleurs, les usagers qui ont déjà un compte « Mon dossier » peuvent migrer leurs compte à Google Drive. Les instructions se trouvent ici :

« Due to the popularity of the Google Apps for Education integration, Gale will be retiring the “My Account” feature in InfoTrac products including PowerSearch.

This change will provide a simple, seamless login experience and enable you to access your saved documents with ease. Users logged in through Google, can easily share and download articles—including highlights and notes—using Google tools like Drive and Docs. For more information, access our training instructions on how to use Google tools.

The retirement of the Gale “My Account” feature will take effect in two stages to ease the transition.

Here’s what will be happening on April 28, 2016:

  • Existing users will be able to access their saved documents via My Account, but new accounts cannot be created.
  • My Folder will continue to be a session-based feature when users are not logged into My Account. Users are encouraged to save documents to a Google account. For more information, access our training instructions on migrating saved documents to your Google account.
  • New search queries cannot be saved to “Saved Searches.” Existing saved searches will be accessible until August 2016, when the My Account feature will be fully retired.
  • Users can use the “Create a Search Alert” feature to have new content emailed via a search alert. Existing search alerts will be unaffected.

You can always email or download a document at any point during a session, and Google users can continue to utilize the “Save to Google Drive” option. For non-Google users, Gale is exploring the integration of other collaboration tools, including Microsoft Office 365.

For additional information and the full list of periodical products affected by this updated, please visit our blog. »

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