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SciFinder/ChemDraw® Collaboration, Increased Analysis Limits, and Non-Java CAS Structure Editor Updates (May 2014)

This release features the integration of ChemDraw and SciFinder, improvements to the Analyze feature, and further enhancements to the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor.

SciFinder and ChemDraw Integration

The functionality of this landmark collaboration between CAS and PerkinElmer enables ChemBioDraw Ultra 14 users to initiate a SciFinder search from within the ChemDraw interface, and then be taken to the related search results within SciFinder. ChemDraw users can now find more information in less time by simply clicking one button to seamlessly transfer a ChemDraw structure or reaction to SciFinder.

ChemDraw SciFinder Workflow

Improvements to Analyze Feature

  • Reference analyses are now unlimited. The interactive analysis bars and Show More feature now work for reference answer sets of any size.
  • The sample analysis limit has been increased from 1000 to 20,000 for all SciFinder Explore types.

Analyze Limits


Non-Java CAS Structure Editor Updates

Further enhancements to the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor include:

  • Repeating Groups: easily repeat elements of a given structure, including atoms, shortcuts, and variables.

Add Repeating Group

  • « Add to Editor », InChI and SMILES Conversion: conveniently convert InChI or SMILES strings to a structure within the drawing editor. (CAS Registry Number® functionality was already available!).

Add to Editor SMILES