ScienceDirect : Un article facile à lire sur un appareil mobile ?

Dear ScienceDirect User,

Reading articles on your mobile device just got better with the new and improved ScienceDirect mobile article. Designed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and in collaboration with researchers and librarians, our new, improved mobile interface vastly improves reading an article on a mobile device.

Mobile Reading a ScienceDirect article on your mobile device delivers a clutter-free experience that:

  • Eliminates delays through uncompromised access to full-text articles
  • Keeps you in the article with quick buttons to view the Outline and Figures
  • Helps you stay organized with one-click to save article to Mendeley

Our testers have a lot of positive things to say about the updated ScienceDirect mobile article, including:

The display is very readable. The font size makes for easy reading, and the navigation buttons are simple to use. »
-Nynke Kramer, Universiteit Utrecht

Overall a very clear, pleasant experience! It reads like a book on an eReader.
– Katja J Teerds, PhD, Wageningen University

    Seeing is believing

  • Watch the mobile article video
  • If you are reading this message on your mobile device just click here for a sneak preview
  • Or Scan the following QR code with your mobile device to sample an open access mobile article:



Ready to read articles on the go?

As a ScienceDirect registered user, you can immediately start reading articles on your mobile device. All you need to do is make sure you’re signed into ScienceDirect. It’s that simple.

We’d love to know what you think about the newly designed mobile article. Post your comments on Twitter @sciencedirect. We also invite you to read the story behind designing the ScienceDirect mobile article on our blog.

The ScienceDirect Team


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