Mise à jour de la plateforme de Taylor & Francis


Taylor & Francis procédera à une mise à jour de sa plateforme de vendredi à samedi prochain.

« I’m writing to let you know that the eagerly anticipated upgrade to the Taylor & Francis Online platform will go live over this coming weekend.

Taylor & Francis Online will be read-only for a 48 hour period during this time, from Friday 11th April 10.30pm BST until Sunday 13th April 10.30pm BST. We’d like to assure you that you will still have access to all of the content you currently subscribe to during this time. This will not be affected. However, it does mean that during this time no new users will be able to register on the site, new purchases cannot be made and other changes handled via My Account won’t be possible.

As from next week, you’ll be able to enjoy many exciting new features, that include:

• A redesign of Taylor & Francis Online Mobile with magazine style tablet view, facetted search, more personalization options, cleaner navigation and more journal information;

  • CrossMark: Over the coming months CrossMark will be rolled out to all journals which will enable users to quickly see whether or not they are using the most recent and reliable versions of a document;
  • Google subscriber links: These allow users to see in Google results whether they have access to a returned article, either through subscription access using their institution’s IP range, or because it is open access or freely available. They also provide a direct access link, straight to Taylor & Francis Online;
  • Toll free linking: Gives the reader free access to Taylor & Francis journal articles that are referenced by articles published in the Taylor & Francis journals that you subscribe to. It also applies to all of our open access journals and all articles published open access under the open select model. »

Bonne journée !


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