Factiva, Dalloz Bibliothèque et Forestry Compendium


Adèle a reçu des billets cette semaine pour nos nouveaux abonnements à Factiva et Dalloz Bibliothèque.

Les deux ressources ont été activées dans MetaLib et dans SFX. Par contre, Dalloz Bibliothèque n’est pas consultable à distance et on a de la misère avec Factiva par SFX. C’est en cours, Adèle s’en occupe.

Nous avons besoins de descriptions pour ces deux ressources.

En ce qui concerne Dalloz Bibliothèque, certains ouvrages ont un icône « Consultez cet ouvrage », d’autres ont un icône jaune suggérant l’achat de l’ouvrage et d’autres n’ont aucun icône. Peu importe l’icône, nous avons accès à tous les ouvrages. Cliquez sur la page couverture pour consulter le document !

Forestry Compendium de CABI va changer de plateforme.

« We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be migrating our Forestry Compendium to a new platform.

Why are we migrating to a new platform?
The new platform, which is optimised for mobile devices, will offer improved usability and increased functionality as well as a more user friendly look and feel.

How will the platform differ from the current one?

The new platform offers a host of features including:

  • Improved usability – with a more user friendly and intuitive platform
  • Personalised user area – save searches and content for easy access to your items
  • Smart searches – pre-set searches based on commonly used topics for fast searching
  • Enhanced search – allowing you to search by topic and content type for refined results
  • Refine options – easily sort through and drill down your results using filter and refine options

What will the new platform look like?

Why not take a look at our Beta site which will give you a sneak peek. But remember, it’s not quite finished yet. Take a look at the Beta site.

When will the migration happen?
Over the next few months we will start to move our online resources to the new platform. But don’t worry, we will be sending full details out ahead of the migration.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. We will let you know when your resource is moving and provide further information. Your account settings will be transferred automatically, including any IP ranges, log-ins etc.

Will the URL change?
No, the core URL will remain the same. However, if you have added pages to your favourites the URL may differ and require updating.

Will there be any downtime?
We do not anticipate any downtime during the migration to the new platform. However, there may be a short period where the search facility is unavailable. Further details of any anticipated downtime will be communicated ahead of the migration. »
Bonne journée !


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