Nouveau lecteur de musique pour Naxos Music Library


Eh bien, eh bien, Naxos a un nouveau lecteur de musique !

« Naxos Music Library Proudly Presents…
Well, look what the internet stork just dropped off at Naxos Music Library. We’re excited to debut today our brand new bundle of joy—a new media player! It features a sleek, updated design and greater mobile capabilities, and we here at NML are certainly proud parents indeed. Want to see a picture?

Created in HTML5, this new player sidesteps limitations of the old Flash player and makes room for further growth in the future. So what exactly does the new music player have to offer the everyday listener? You know, besides being so darn handsome?

  • More mobile accessibility. HTML5 cooperates far better with mobile devices than Flash does. Is a mobile app not yet available for your tablet or smartphone? For most users, this new player will work through your main mobile internet connection—no app needed! Simply log in and access music on your mobile internet browser just as you would on your computer.
  • More track information. The HTML5 player displays more information for each track, allowing you to find just the one you need. This is especially helpful when streaming, say, a disc or playlist full of Vivaldi works where half the tracks are simply titled “Allegro.” Now track lists in the player will include the rest of the work title so you can quickly identify which of those Allegros is THE Allegro.
  • More flexibility in player size. Previously, the player stayed the same size no matter how you expanded the window. Now, the player design adjusts to better fit the size of the window.

Need the dirty details of browser compatibility and such?

Visit our FAQ page or our blog for details.

We hope you enjoy the new player as much as we enjoy showing it off. We’ll try not to overload your newsfeed with too many pics of the baby, but no guarantees… »

Bonne journée !


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