Project Euclid a une nouvelle apparence !

2014-01-16 13-42-16Bonjour,

Project Euclid s’est refait une beauté !

« As a subscriber to journals hosted on Project Euclid, you will notice something new when you visit the journals online. We are pleased to announce the launch of a major redesign of the Project Euclid platform. The new interface and functionality have been designed to meet the specific research needs of mathematicians and statisticians.

No action is required to maintain your institution’s access to online content. The site’s URLs have not changed, and your administration and catalog systems should not be affected.

Features of the updated platform include

  • improved searching
  • search result filters by format, author, publication, keyword, and Mathematics Subject Classification code
  • citation exports
  • mobile optimization
  • e-mail alerts
  • access indicators for all content.

We hope that the new site will deliver an improved research experience for your institution. »

Voici les indicateurs de texte intégral  :

2014-01-16 13-47-11Bonne journée !