Nouveau matériel de formation pour SciFinder


« Let CAS help you support SciFinder users throughout your institution. If you introduce SciFinder to an entire class or work with new users
one-on-one, SciFinder training materials can make life easier for you.

 For scheduled training sessions, workbooks and speaker notes introduce basic search techniques using the new, streamlined interface. Interactive tutorials, how-to guides, class recordings and e-seminars for beginning, intermediate and advanced search techniques are great as preparation for upcoming classes or as supplements that students and faculty can refer to at their convenience. They are also helpful as “refresher” resources for occasional SciFinder users.

 Download any or all of these materials at to help SciFinder users see how fast and easy it is to find the information they need to drive their research forward. Feel free to share this email with any staff who might be interested in accessing these materials. »

Bonne journée !


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