Changement pour DesignInform


La base de données DesignInform a changé de titre et de URL. Elle aura besoin d’une nouvelle description dans MetaLib. Le titre et le URL ont déjà été modifiés et j’ai déjà demandé au catalogage de faire les changement à la notice.

« Just to let you know that as from 8 July, designinform will be changing its name to Arts: Search.

Given the increased digitization by us of a wide range of fine art and architecture journals, it was felt that the title designinform, with its apparent emphasis on design, did not fully represent the scope and coverage of our database, indeed, it is positively misleading.

This is evident by an analysis of the subject fields in Design ProFILES. As of today, DP contains data on 4,904 painters, 1,763 sculptors, and 3,117 architects and architectural firms. Whilst this still represents less than half of the 25,776 names currently included in DP, fine art and architecture will probably soon overtake design as the dominant subject areas.

The component sections of Arts: Search will be:
Review [full text]

Arts + Architecture ProFILES

Design Abstracts Retrospective

Arts: Search Research Guides

The URL of Arts: Search will be and

Although we are constantly working on refining and improving the interface and its searchability, there with be no change in the format of our database, and it will still be possible, for the meantime, to access the database at and to contact us at »

Bonne journée !