Migration de Dialog vers ProQuest


Bien que plusieurs ressources avec Dialog ont migré vers ProQuest en 2011, il reste World News Connection à migrer (pour nous).

Voici donc un message de ProQuest Dialog au sujet de ce qui s’en vient. Ça concerne des fonctionnalités de l’interface :

« Over the last 2 years, we have been building the new ProQuest Dialog™ service, which provides all the power of Dialog in a modern, intuitive interface.  The transition from Dialog to this new service will occur later this year. This notification provides you initial details of the transition of your alerts as we migrate from Dialog to ProQuest Dialog.

Translation of alert profiles and saved searches will begin on June 9, 2013.  Prior to that date, it’s important that you review your existing alerts and saved search profiles to make sure that they are working efficiently on Dialog, and also to delete any that you no longer need.  On our website we have alerts strategy tips, noting in particular that Publication Year (PY) and Publication Date (PD) should be removed if currently included in any alerts strategy.  The DialogClassicWeb interface offers a very convenient menu for editing alerts. Any changes made to alerts after June 9, 2013, including new profiles and edits to existing profiles will NOT be included in the translated profiles.  You may want to wait to set up new alerts until after you have access to ProQuest Dialog in August.  However, if you do create or change Dialog legacy alerts after June 9, you will be able to make those same changes on ProQuest Dialog after migration, so you will find it helpful to include that in your migration planning. »

Bonne journée !


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