Je suis tombée sur SpringerImages l’autre jour et j’ai été bien intriguée. Sur 4 889 910 images (ce matin), 733 785 sont gratuites ! Lors d’une recherche, on peut cibler le contenu gratuit.

Qu’est-ce que SpringerImages ?

« SpringerImages is a growing collection of scientific images that spans the scientific, technical and medical fields, including high-quality clinical images from images.MD. The continually updated collection – currently over 4 million images – gathers photos, graphs, histograms, figures, and tables, and is available to libraries and their patrons via a searchable online database. The SpringerImages interface enables users to search faster, more broadly and more accurately, through captions, keywords, context and more, even jumping from the image to the source article. Users can create personalized image “sets,” and can easily export images for use in their own presentations or lectures. »

Est-ce qu’on est abonné ? Est-ce que c’est gratuit ? Dans quel contexte peut-on utiliser les images ?

« Anyone can create an account and search the free and Open Access images indexed by SpringerImages. Access to the complete collection is available via subscription to libraries, research institutions and individuals. Images obtained from SpringerImages can be used for almost all noncommercial purposes, including integration into presentations and PDF documents. »

Est-ce que SpringerImages et SpringerLink sont liés ?

« SpringerLink is one source of images on SpringerImages. Users can link directly from the image details page to the article on SpringerLink if they wish to discover more information about the image. »

Mais, mauvaise nouvelle, on ne peut pas lier le compte Springer de notre institution au compte de SpringerImages pour avoir accès aux images qui vont avec les articles ou les livres auxquels on a accès et on ne peut pas ajouter de bouton SFX à SpringerImages.

Voici le courriel reçu jeudi :

« Please be advised that it is not possible to link your subscribed material for (link.springer.com) to SpringerImages.

Additionally, please see useful information for SFX linking:

Essentially, Springer does not « offer » or provide in any way, link resolvers. These are third party pieces of software that attempt to offer libraries a service by keeping track of a) what the library has bought and b) what the final URL is for those things that the library has bought.

Unfortunately for us, the links that are kept in these link resolvers are all formatted according to how the MetaPress platform was set up to handle OpenURL links. So, inside the link resolver, they would have links for the issues of a particular journal that had a format like this:


We have done work on our side so that when someone tries to use a link like this, that our site:

  1. Sees the original link
  2. Reads it to understand what parameters are being described in the URL (because there can be multiple parameters and they can be used in different orders)
  3. Attempts to send the user to the comparable page on our site.

 Sometimes, we cannot « read » the URL, and this results in a few different issues:

  1. Sometimes the user ends up on an issue page, instead of an article page
  2. Sometimes the user ends up on the journal page, instead of the issue page
  3. Sometimes the user ends up on the homepage, instead of wherever they were trying to get to

We have just added another story to our backlog to increase the sophistication of our application, so that it handles more variations of these links more correctly, but it is extremely difficult to troubleshoot, so we are almost always in the position of having to hear complaints, investigate, then determine how things can be fixed.

We have had discussions or months now with both Serials Solutions and Exlibris, to ask them to change their links to point to the new SpringerLink, which would be the best option and avoid all of this complicated redirecting, but so far they have not modified their systems. »

Bonne journée !


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