SciVerse Scopus : session d’évaluation


Le 23 février 2012, à 13h, aura lieu une session d’évaluation du produit SciVerse Scopus d’Elsevier pour les membres du RCDR. Cette année marque la fin de l’entente du RCDR pour ce produit. Pour assister à cette session d’évaluation, il faut vous inscrire.

« This year marks the last year of the CRKN SciVerse Scopus Agreement.We would like to take some time to review the product developments that have occurred during this subscription period. As always, we would also appreciate any feedback you would like to provide concerning the SciVerse Scopus platform evolution and the renewal.

We are pleased to invite you to a WebEx information session on  SciVerse Scopus. The session will be held February 23, 2012at 1:00PM EDT.

If you would like to attend the information session please register here: REGISTRATION

SciVerse Scopus is designed to offer researchers and research administrators an easy-to-use platform with sophisticated tools to help them track, analyze and visualize their r­­esearch.   With more than 19,500 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers across the sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences and arts & humanities, we think SciVerse Scopus is well suited to this task.

SciVerse Scopus Session Agenda:

Review of SciVerse Scopus Content

Latest Product Enhancements

SciVerse Scopus Tools:

  • Citation Tracker to find, check and track citation data back to 1996 for a specific author or topic.
  • Affiliation Identifier to identify and match organizations with all of their research output.
  • Journal Analyzer for a quick, easy and transparent view of journal performance now enriched with two journal metrics – SJR and SNIP – and bi-monthly updates.
  • Author Identifier to match all the name variations of a particular author so that you can more easily access all relevant documents and assess their work.

Member Feedback and Q&A

We hope that you can join us!  If you would like more information on SciVerse Scopus, please visit the SciVerse Scopus Info Site which contains detailed content coverage as well as additional support resources. »

Bonne journée !



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