Nouvelle plateforme à venir pour SAGE


SAGE nous a avisé de la venue de sa nouvelle plateforme (SAGE Knowledge) en nous informant de la possibilité de tester leur plateforme en BETA au mois de mars. Je ne sais pas quand la nouvelle plateforme sera accessible à tous mais le contenu acquis avec SAGE Reference migrera vers SAGE Knowledge cet été.

« We are excited to announce that the BETA testing for our new online platform, SAGE Knowledge, will be starting in March. We have been working with librarians, current customers and end users in the development of SAGE Knowledge to ensure it supports your needs.  And, as a valued customer—you get the opportunity to try it out first! We will contact you next week with the opportunity to sign up for the BETA trial to the entire platform.

The platform will launch with more than 2500 titles and all reference works currently hosted on SAGE Reference will be migrated to this platform. Access to the SAGE Reference titles you have purchased will be migrated this summer.

SAGE Knowledge                 SAGE Knowledge

With this new platform, your account manager features will remain the same as they are today.

Here are just a few of the benefits to your end-users:

  • A new, more user-friendly, interface
  • Suggestions for relevant content on other SAGE platforms including SAGE Journals and SAGE Research Methods (an optional feature)
  • A « My Account » feature, where students can create reading lists and save searches
  • Quick search, advanced search and search filters by subject, content type or publication date
  • Improved discoverability of content from the open web« 

Bonne journée !


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