Atypon Link: des explications

Bonjour tous,
Voici une lettre de la part du Service à la clientèle de Atypon:

Subject: Clarification regarding Atypon Link

Atypon would like to clear up some confusion about the recent decommissioning of Atypon Link. Atypon as a hosting provider for scholarly publications is alive and well. We made a strategic decision some time ago to move out of the aggregated hosting market and shut down the Atypon Link site at the end of 2011. We have been working with Atypon Link publishers over the last two years to help them migrate to new platforms, many of them (such as Oldenbourg and
Guilford) to our core platform product, Literatum.

We apologize for not communicating the decision to discontinue Atypon Link directly to the library community. Since the publisher migration happened over a long period of time, we didn’t anticipate that the final shut down of the site would be disruptive. We were clearly wrong about that, and offer our sincere apologies.

Per industry best practices, we will redirect requests for content previously hosted on Atypon Link through 30 June 2012. Please note that we are aware that OpenURL redirects are currently not functioning and are working to correct this. We will have redirection in place for OpenURL requests by the end of next week.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. If you have questions about where to find a journal formerly hosted on Atypon Link, please contact us:

For a complete list of Atypon clients, visit our web site:


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