Panne prévue pour IEEE Xplore


Le 28 janvier 2012, il y aura une courte panne pour le produit IEEE Xplore de 11 heures à midi.

« On Saturday 28 January, 2012, we will be reverting the IEEE Xplore service back to our New Jersey Data Center. IEEE Xplore will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour, starting at 11AM Eastern Time.

In October 2011, we notified you that we diverted the IEEE Xplore service from our New Jersey data center to our backup site in Arizona, USA. This was a preventative measure to ensure minimal service disruptions during planned maintenance work in the New Jersey Data Center, which is now complete.

These types of moves are typically transparent to all of our customers. No action is required by the vast majority of our customers and your IEEE Xplore access should be unaffected by this change. « 

Bonne journée !