Panne prévue pour Ulrichsweb


Il y aura une panne prévue pour les produits Serials Solutions du 16 septembre à 20h  jusqu’au 17 septembre 2011 à 5h.  Cet arrêt permettra de mettre à jour plusieurs de leurs services :

« Many enhancements and maintenance improvements are scheduled for release to Serials Solutions’ services in mid-September, including Ulrichsweb.

To implement these changes, Ulrichsweb will be unavailable to you and your patrons from 5 p.m. Friday, Sep. 16, to 2 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 17 PDT (world time zone conversion).

When Ulrichsweb is available again on Sept. 17, many improvements will appear in Ulrichsweb for you and your patrons. (Visual representations of some of these enhancements and bug fixes are available.):

  • All Search Results icons will show by default: Previously, only the Refereed/Peer-Reviewed icon displayed by default.  After this release, the default display of all special feature icons will make it easier for users to quickly identify notable characteristics of titles.
  • Subject facet in Search Results will be discipline-based:  The new scope of the Subject Areas facet will make it easier for patrons, as well as for librarians, to identify titles in broader subject areas of interest. Specific subjects will be displayed in Title Details and may be searched using Advanced Search.
  • New Advanced Search options:  The index previously labeled ‘Subject’ will be renamed to Subject (Keyword) for clarity; a new Subject (Exact) index with an auto-suggest feature will let you conduct searches for specific Ulrich’s subjects and sub-classifications; the new Document Delivery Service index will let you pinpoint the titles for which article delivery is available from a specific document supplier; a new Country of Publication option helps you identify international titles more easily.
  • Title Details page:  A new Publication History field will be added to the Basic Description section to provide you with an easy way to learn about the changes to a publication over its lifetime.
  • Additional language localization options:  Danish, Portuguese (Continental)
  • Table of Contents (ToC) citations can now be exported to RefWorks.
  • Bug fixes in this release will:
    • Make entry of an OCLC FirstSearch Authorization Number optional in the Administration Console for linking to
    • Improve the display of search results by better aligning column headers and column contents
    • Remove OpenURL links from TOCs in addition to removing links title-level records when the OpenURL check box is de-selected in the Administration Console
    • Improve Advanced Search option displays for Firefox 3.6 users
    • Retain Unicode characters users enter in the Corrections feature »

Bonne journée !