Mise à jour de SciFinder


Voici un message de SciFinder pour annoncer une mise à jour de la version Web de SciFinder :

« We are excited to announce that the Web version of SciFinder has been updated to improve your overall user experience. You can expect faster response times in several key areas, including answer set display and pagination, detailed displays, breadcrumb navigation and large answer set print/export. Individual performance improvements may vary and are dependent on Internet connection speed, hardware configuration and other variables.

We’ve also added support for additional Web browsers. Mozilla Firefox 5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Web browsers have been added to the list of recommended browsers for SciFinder.

In addition, new Print and Export options allow for more customized information output, and a more visible Keep Me Posted (KMP) alert button will help guide you to this valuable SciFinder feature. Set up a KMP alert today to notify you monthly or even weekly when new research is available in SciFinder. To learn more, visit What’s New in the Web Version of SciFinder. »

Bonne journée !


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