Mise à jour pour IEEE Xplore Digital Library


Demain, le 1er juin 2011, IEEE fera une mise à jour de IEEE Xplore digital library. Il ne devrait pas y avoir d’arrêt de leur service.

Voici une liste des améliorations à venir :

« NEW VDE VERLAG Conference Proceedings:   IEEE has partnered with one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe VDE VERLAG in a partnership that integrates VDE’s conference proceedings into IEEE Xplore. This brings important content into IEEE Xplore from conferences that were not available to subscribers before.

IEL and POP ALL customers will receive complimentary, unlimited access to the VDE VERLAG conference proceedings. This includes 3,100 VDE conference papers from 20+ annual conference titles, with 1,000 new articles being added every year

Sort search results by « Most Cited »:   This upgrade includes a new feature to IEEE Xplore that will allow you to sort your search results by « Most Cited ». Also, you will also see the article’s citation count in the article metadata. Find articles of high impact quickly with this new feature.

See more search results with scitopia.org:   Scitopia.org provides a federated search of content from 15 leading scholarly society publishers in science and technology . Now, you can quickly and easily perform your search in IEEE Xplore and also see further relevant results from scitopia.org based on your search terms.

New HTML View for eBooks OPAC list:  With this upgrade, a dedicated web page has been created for eBooks OPAC that includes both the HTML persistent link list as well as the Excel versions.

OpenURL now available for eBooks:  Customers with OpenURL activated on their account will now find OpenURL links next to eBook chapters. This facilitates linking to the institution’s library to discover whether your library already has access to the book chapter.

Thank you for subscribing to IEEE Xplore. We look forward to bringing you additional enhancements in the future. »

Bonne journée !


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