Nouveaux webinars ProQuest pour juin


Il va y avoir des nouveaux webinars ProQuest en juin ! ProQuest a changé sa plateforme et l’UQAM va migrer vers cette nouvelle plateforme au cours des prochains mois.

« The all-new ProQuest platform brings you the best search and discovery experience possible, including advanced search options to help you locate relevant content quickly. So we’re pleased to bring you our latest webinars that take research to the next level on the new platform.

  • Advanced Searching: Beyond the Single Search Box: June 3 and June 14
    The 45-minute session covers:
    • Advanced Search, Command Line, Look Up Citation, and Find Similar search forms
    • Identifying relevant subject terms with ProQuest Smart Search
    • Locating appropriate subject terms using the Thesaurus
    • Formatting a search using field codes, proximity operators and special characters
    • Creating a marked list and viewing selected items
    • Support and tutorials
    • Questions

RECOMMENDED: Familiarity with the new ProQuest platform basic search features or prior viewing of the recorded or live 60-minute Introduction to the New ProQuest Platform sessions listed below.

In addition to advanced searching, the new ProQuest platform offers a powerful new My Research tool that can work with your existing RefWorks account for a seamless research experience.

  • My Research & RefWorks: Perfect Together June 9 and June 22
    The 30-minute session covers:
    • Using My Research and RefWorks together
    • Managing folders
    • Simplifying direct exports from ProQuest
    • Syncing RefWorks with My Research
    • Support and tutorials
    • Questions

OPTIONAL: Familiarity with My Research or prior viewing of the following 40-minute recorded or live 45-minute sessions:

  • My Research: recorded, live June 6 and June 21
    See how the powerful My Research tool—now on the new ProQuest platform—allows users to create a profile within their institutional account to save and organize search strategies and references, create and save RSS feeds, email alerts, tags, and shared lists.

And, if haven’t had a chance to attend all of the platform webinars, you may want to take just a second now to sign up for one of these 60-minute sessions:

To request training for the new ProQuest platform or ProQuest databases, please email our dedicated training team.

Be sure to also check out our platform demo and the continuously updated list of databases on the new platform—and share these with your coworkers and users.

The all-new ProQuest platform
Start here. Discover more. »

Les webinars « ProQuest Administrator Module » et « Managing Your Migration » sont destinés aux gens qui s’occupent du compte administrateur, ceux qui vont prendre la décision de migrer et qui vont implanter la nouvelle plateforme, tous les autres webinars sont ouverts aux employés qui font de la référence.

Bonne journée !


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