Autour de l’Asie : articles gratuits chez Routledge


Routledge a récemment sélectionné des articles au sujet de l’Asie. Ces articles sont gratuits jusqu’au 30 juin 2011 et sont accessible en cliquant ici !

« Routledge, in collaboration with editors and society partners, have selected recent top
articles which engage with Asia around the themes of: Politics, Law and Economy, Social
Development and Society, Democratization, Business and Technology, History, Religion,
Security and Military, Energy, Climate Change, Ecology and Natural Disasters, Migration
and Population and Tourism. These articles are free to view online until 30th June 2011.
All articles have been drawn from our leading Asian, European, Planning, Tourism,
Business and Economics, Anthropology, History, Philosophy and Religion Studies
portfolios. »

Bonne journée !